International Business Law. Notes for non Jurists, Structure and Sources (introduction and schedule)

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International Business Law. Lesson 1.

  1. Introduction. Law/Legal Science is the science that regulates facts, acts and relationships among different subjects that are construed (interpreted) as legal facts, legal acts and legal relationships, in such a way that they have consequences in accordance with the Legal System.
    • International Trade. Subject matter that deals with State Regulation over International Trade (Customs, Taxation, etc.)
    • International Business Law. Section of the Law that deals with crossborder relationships among private sector individuals and organizations

 2 Structure of International Business Law 

  • Participants: Individuals, States,  International arrangements and Agreements, International Organizations, etc
  • More (search “lesson 1” in DerMerUle, here)

3 Sources of International Business Law   

  • Authorities of “material sources”
  • Formal sources of the Law
  • More:(DerMerUle)

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