Other publications

Moreno, Ana I. (2012). Introduction to the Spanish team for Intercultural Studies of Academic Discourse (ENEIDA) project and research group. URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10612/1824 [25/07/2012]

Moreno, Ana I., Rey-Rocha, JesĂșs, Burgess, Sally, LĂłpez-Navarro, Irene, GarzĂłn, BelĂ©n and Sachdev, Itesh (2012). Identifying Spanish researchers’ needs for training in English for Research Publication Purposes: Methodological aspects of a large-scale online survey. URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10612/1823 [25/07/2012]

Moreno, Ana. I., Rey-Rocha, J., Burgess, S., MartĂ­n-MartĂ­n, P., Gea-Valor, MÂȘ L., LĂłpez-Navarro, I., GarzĂłn, B. & I. Sachdev (2012). Spanish Researchers Publishing In Scientific Journals: Motivations, Views, Strategies, Experiences and Training Needs. URL: https://buleria.unileon.es/handle/10612/1757 [06/06/12]

Moreno, A. I. (2012). “The communication problems of Spanish researchers to get research articles published in Applied Linguistics English-medium journals: proposal and analysis”. URL: https://buleria.unileon.es/handle/10612/1756 [06/06/2012]

Moreno, Ana I. (2011). On the universality of the politeness concept of ‘face’: Evaluation strategies for construing ‘good face’ across writing cultures: writers’ voice in academic book reviews. International Workshop on the Evaluative Function of Language: Evaluation across Text Types and Cultures. UNED, Madrid, Spain, 6-8/10/2011. Available from Bulería http://hdl.handle.net/10612/1132 [07/10/2011]


Ana I. Moreno is a Tenured Senior Lecturer in English Philology at the University of León (Spain), where she teaches English language at undergraduate level and discourse analysis and pragmatics to graduate students. Her publications are mostly in the area of English for Academic Purposes, Intercultural Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis from an applied perspective and have appeared in such journals as TEXT, IJES, JEAP, ESP and Text&Talk. She is the Director of the ENEIDA (Spanish National Team for Intercultural Studies on Academic Discourse) Research Group, which is currently developing a research project on the “rhetorical strategies to get research published in international scientific journals from a Spanish-English intercultural perspective”, funded by the Spanish National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation (2010-2012).
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